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Special School Programs » Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books

The purpose is simply to encourage students to read good books and have fun while competing with peers. The Battle is open to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students.

What is Battle of the Books?

The Battle of the Books is an exciting tournament of reading. Competitors will be assigned to teams. On the day of the Battle, students will answer questions about the books on the reading list to win points for their team.

How Does A Student Participate?
A student participates by reading from the book list provided for that year's America's Battle of the Books. They should keep a summary so they can review this information before the "Battle." There are 30 books on the book list. Students do not need to read all 30 books but they need to read at least 10 books on the list to compete. There is no cost to participate. Sign up sheets will be sent at the beginning of next year.

Where Do The Students Get The Books?
Our school library will have a copy of the books. Redondo Beach public libraries will also have them available. Otherwise, they are available in books stores.

When Do The Students Read The Books?
The school battles will be held in March or April. Therefore, students will have plenty of time to read the books during the summer and school year.

What Is The "Battle?"
Each school will hold its own 4th and 5th Grade Battle after school. The students' teams earn points by answering questions about the books on the book list. The winning team from each school will then participate in the Championship Battle.

How Does It Benefit The Child?
The students gain knowledge and enjoyment from reading good books, sharing them with friends, parents and teachers, plus a fun day of playing in the "Battle."

Want to Volunteer?
Please email the chair.
Janee Dahl
Email: [email protected]