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Beryl Wellness Council

Fundraising Efforts

Throughout the school year, all fundraising efforts are focused on healthy choices, therefore we follow the Smart Snacks Nutrition standards and our PTA fully supports this practice. In order to stay compliant with the Gold standard, Beryl follows the guidelines in the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. For more information, please contact the principal, or the Child Nutrition Center at the district office. Contact information is on the RBUSD web site.


Beryl is a member of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program, an initiative that is helping us make our school a healthier place. Creating a healthy school for our students is important because we know that healthy students are better learners. One of our wellness goals is to create new celebration traditions at our school. And we are asking for your help too!

Between holidays and birthday celebrations, the number of high fat, sugary foods and beverages a student consumes during the school year can add up quickly. We are asking that our school celebrates without using food, like doing a fun physical activity or project, or only including healthy foods and beverages during birthdays, holidays or school-wide celebrations.


Packing a trash-free lunch is a great way to reduce waste while providing your child with a nutritious meal. To start, fill your child’s lunch with a variety of colors, such as sliced fruits and veggies with hummus or plain yogurt for dipping. Be sure to include healthy proteins such as beans, avocados, hummus, sunflower butter and or lean meats to keep their energy up. Buy bulk sized bags of snacks and pack smaller portions into reusable containers. Over 160 billion paper napkins are used in our country every year and it adds up to billions of pounds of waste. Try a fun print cloth napkin instead! Don’t forget to include a fun note for your child: Tell them that you are thinking of them or include a fun fact about a subject they love. Soon, your child will be looking forward to seeing what is in his or her lunchbox every day.
If you are looking to purchase a trash-free lunch bag or food containers, consider the following choices:

Fit & Fresh

Parents, please click below for healthy celebratory options for the classrooms!
If you have a suggestion, concern, question or any feedback in general regarding the health and wellness of Beryl, please contact the front office or your teacher at Beryl.