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5th Grade Band

Welcome! We are excited to share that the elementary band program will continue thanks to the generous, continuous support of the Redondo Beach Educational Foundation (RBEF). The 5th grade band teachers are Mrs. Zoetewey and Mr. Buchen. We are a traveling team, visiting each school site twice each week to provide high quality music instruction. By working together, we are able to focus on specific instruments in smaller groups, giving students more focused attention and instruction.
Current Assignment:
All instruments use page 2-3 and/or the YouTube links for reference on assembly, hand position, and making a sound.  Go on to page 10 (or beyond) if you feel ready!  Make sure that you have the names of the notes and fingerings memorized. Look in the green box on page 6 an 7. Write in #6 and #21.
Flute: Practice getting a sound on the mouthpiece and correct hand position.  Practice Page 8 and 9 .
Clarinet: Always have more than one reed.  Practice Page 9.  Start page 10. Roll finger to "A". Be sure your fingers are covering the holes.
Sax: Always have more than one reed and always use your neck strap.  Practice Page 8 and 9.
Brass: Practice Page 9. Start page 10.  Tight embouchure for "A" and "G".
Beryl Band Extra Practice Times:
Monday right after band during recess and Thursday right after band during lunch
Optional Certificate Incentive Program:
Printable Information:
Monday 9:50-10:30
Thursday 11:25-12:30
Eric Buchen

Yvonne Zoetewey
Beginning of the Year Links:

Helpful YouTube link for beginning flute:

YouTube Flute


Beginning clarinet:

YouTube Clarinet


Beginning saxophone:

YouTube Saxophone


Beginning trumpet:

YouTube Trumpet


Beginning trombone:

YouTube Trombone

Join us for our "Coffee Concert" Monday Feb. 25, 2019 10:00-10:30 AM in the cafeteria.