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Sarah Yamazaki » Mrs. Yamazaki Second Grade

Mrs. Yamazaki Second Grade


2nd Grade

Mrs. Yamazaki

Room 9

Mrs. Yamazaki is a second grade teacher in Room 9.
R esiding in Redondo, California she is happy to be teaching in her    community.
S he has had wonderful experiences teaching for the past thirty years in      Redondo, Lakewood, Japan, Arizona, and Utah.

Y earning to travel, she lived in Japan four years, bringing back a great souvenir - her  husband, Shinichi.
A rt is one of her interests and hobbies.
M aking meals from "Martha" recipes, she's always cooking up something.
A way for college, she lived in Utah and Hawaii while attending Brigham Young University
Z any pranks seem to zap those around her.
A lways appreciates living so close to the beach.
K ansas is where she lived ages 8 through 18. Ages 1 through 7 included living in New    Jersey and Utah.
I nterested in getting to know you better, Mrs. Yamazaki looks forward to another school  year at Beryl.