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Principal's Message

Dear Beryl Heights Families,
It is an honor to introduce myself to you as the proud Principal of Beryl Heights Elementary School. I am honored to lead such an amazing school community. We are all integral members working towards the goal of raising our students to be prepared for anything that comes their way. We are all here to develop students with good character, who are social-emotionally strong, and healthy life-long learners. The teachers and staff at Beryl Heights are a dynamic group who engages students with challenging curriculum and instruction while providing compassion and love.

I lead with different sets of eyes. As a parent, I know the journey of trying to raise a resilient, healthy, and emotionally strong child. As an educator, I understand the work that goes into preparing daily instruction and building relationships with students to provide an effective learning environment that achieves academic excellence. 

Getting to know our students and families, I see the daily excitement in the eyes of our students as they learn from their incredible teachers. Part of our Mission is, “Beryl is a place where everyone learns and everyone teaches.” This is an important message and we adults can often learn from our students as much as they learn from us. 

This is going to be an amazing school year at Beryl Heights Elementary School, where we will continue to build our family, create a “can-do” attitude in and out of the classrooms, and be partners at home and at school.

With kindest regards,

Joshua Stern

Beryl Heights Elementary
Joshua Stern, Principal